Horseback Riding in BC

British Columbia is a breathtaking place to ride with prolific wildlife, snow-capped mountains, impressive fishing, and pristine lakes.  Horseback riding vacations for everyone. Explore epic mountain trails to scenic spots, or down below, racing through grassy meadows in Canadian Cowboy … Read the rest


Through the years, many artists and craftspeople of the island maintain the spirit of the true meaning of art. Hornby Island is the house of magnificent beauty but more than that, it is also the place for arts and crafts- … Read the rest

Gift of Art

Welcome to Real Hornby where craftspeople and artists meet. Real Hornby is a community in Hornby Island built for people who have the heart to support local artists, craftspeople, food producers, and event or workshop providers. Our members are open … Read the rest


The Healing Arts

Hornby Island is known to be an island and home for the peaceful mind, healing, relaxation, rejuvenation, and transformation. This is a place for a tranquil soul. We all, at some point in our lives, feel … Read the rest

Tourist Guide

What you need to know the First thing, before setting foot on the island of peace, of course, you must know the basics about it. Hornby Island is 2,990 hectares in area and is about 25% of the Island’s … Read the rest