Through the years, many artists and craftspeople of the island maintain the spirit of the true meaning of art. Hornby Island is the house of magnificent beauty but more than that, it is also the place for arts and crafts- the soul of the Islanders.

There is a collection available on the island made by numerous talented artist on the Island. A mixture of arts such as painting, mix media, ceramics, fiber arts, and photography. If you ever thought of visiting Hornby Island, we suggest that you drop by to check and see the collection of arts that mostly depicts the soul of an islander. By the support of formerly skilled craftsman at home inspection nanaimo, the art continues.

We could only say that arts could be one of the means to release stress and unwind from the harsh reality of the world. And although there could be photos online that could show you, it is best to see the art in person and appreciate the beauty and soul of the art. Do not forget to explore the awesome arts and masterpieces made by the local artists if you ever happen to visit Hornby Island.

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