Elaine Savoie, Painter Farmer

Elaine Savoie

Elaine was raised in a family of Hornby Island pioneers who are devoutly Catholic, and her work emerges out of this colorful family history of early settlers, farmers, church and boat builders. Art allows Elaine to explore her connection to place and the Culture of Catholicism that surrounds her. As a young girl she felt such a profound spiritual awareness that pat catechism answers left her dissatisfied. Her desire to engage in a struggle for discovery, beyond the strictures of religion and family, has led Elaine to create satirical pieces full of wonder and whimsy. Her art is a reflection of nature's presence around her and wonderfully express her own particular humour and joie de vivre.

Inside Elaine’s studio it is full of delight and conversation and laughter and it is where she creates her “chicken and corvid saints”, acrylic paintings, works that include found objects and also pieces inspired by the human form. Outside of her studio she expresses herself by creating beauty and sustenance in her gardens overlooking the ocean.

In addition to her home studio, Elaine’s work can also be found on Hornby at the Island Gallery and Fibers.

Off-island you can find Elaine’s work in Vancouver at the Trudy Van Dop Gallery and in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Adelante Gallery.

Studio Location

2555 W. Carmichael Road