Gift of Art

Welcome to Real Hornby where craftspeople and artists meet. Real Hornby is a community in Hornby Island built for people who have the heart to support local artists, craftspeople, food producers, and event or workshop providers. Our members are open to help each other in terms of promoting services such as this MVP plumbers company and sharing passion and knowledge with others.

The Hornby Island is a paradise treasured by its people. Abundant with natural sources and scenic landscape, it is quite popular to outsiders. The community, being one of the active travelers, took the initiative to help the Islanders in promoting their artistic delights and help the place to be known.

Today, we hosted several workshop and seminar on the Hornby Island to make the art a living proof of the beauty of their culture. Through this endeavor, members of the community are also, in many ways, helping these islanders to live independently while they are doing what they love. In this era where technological advancement is in the limelight, traditional arts and talents are gradually being kept in the treasure box that we all once adored. The Real Hornby works closely with musicians, artists, and craftspeople to help them maintain their line of passion alongside with ever-growing world of digital. Can both digital and traditional worlds come together? That is why we are here for.

The main purpose of this community is to help market the almost forgotten arts and music, the culture, of these people. We gather people and spread words, we invite them to workshops, recreational opportunities, limited market sales, and much more. Mainly, we are concerned with their overall living, we try to understand the needs and what they can offer so we could come up with an effective marketing strategy for them. Our main goal is to enhance the islander’s livelihood through collective efforts with an extension of aiming to support community value as well.