Ringside Market


When out riding my bike, I have been stopped by visitors asking “which way to town?” Hornby doesn’t have a town, but we have something even better – The Ringside Market.

Our Circle of Shops

The Ringside Market is a circle of intimate shops, cafés, artisan booths and the Co-op. This is where islanders, summer residents and visitors come together to grab a bite, get that important plumbing bit, or have our bikes tuned up. More than just a being our commercial centre, Ringside is also the social heart of Hornby. More “business” is done in the produce section of the Co-op than just about anywhere else. The Co-op porch is where you can find out about upcoming events, meetings and what movie is playing that weekend. Just down the stairs you will find the annual Community Quilt hanging all summer – buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win this incredible hand stitched masterpiece which has been painstakingly assembled throughout the winter. Every summer the proceeds are dedicated to a local organization and buying a raffle ticket is a great way to contribute to the ongoing sustainability of our community. The Ringside continues to expand with increased areas for vendors and a beautiful new deck at Lix.

What’s Here


Jan’s Patio

Jan’s Café and VORIZO are once again inviting you to enjoy some excellent and tasty snacks and meals. Both offer charming and idyllic patios and outdoor seating areas, with Jan also hosting indoor seating as well. Island Potters is continuing to represent local and regional potters, including exquisite work by Deb Taylor and Rachelle Chinnery. Next door to the Island Potters, Donna Tuele operates a tourist service desk in her charming Coast Realty office. Lucie Lemay of the Bike Shop sells great accessories and gear, and also rents high quality mountain and road bikes for experiencing the island with the wind in your hair. Dale and Alex Armstrong of Lix Espresso and Hornby Island Coffee Roasting Co. continue to expand their coffee business with increasing distribution of their fantastic Hornby roasted coffee. Visit their website to find out where you can purchase their product off-island.


A coffee after a morning
ride is a great way
to start the day

The Ringside also hosts a number of other small businesses that contribute to make the mix delightful and useful all at once. Fibers and Celestial Sphere round out fulfilling our clothing and accessories needs, selling fun and funky from around the world to high quality ladies wear. New to the Ringside is Hornby Creative, a lovely shop being run by Tamara Lamont which features eclectic and gorgeous examples of work from a wide variety of Hornby artisans and craftspeople. Many local artisans sell their wares at booths around the Ringside Market.

The Co-op

We cannot forget the Co-op. Hornby is a small, remote community, but our Co-op manages to pretty much have it all. From staples to organic and exotic to treats it is here. Downstairs you can find hardware, clothing, all manner of beach toys and useful items as well as a liquor outlet. The Co-op is essential to those that live on Hornby year round and we encourage you to support this very important resource. The GasBar is across Sheilds Road from the Ringside Market. It offers snacks and other important items and is where you go to get propane tanks filled.

Across the Way

Across the street from the Ringside Market you will find the Beulah Creek Nursery. The Nursery is a realization of a long held dream of Toglia Baird’s and she is sharing thespace with the Fruit Stand. Wander through the greenhouses and enjoy the propertybefore you stop at the Fruit Stand (designed by acclaimed builder Lloyd House) topick up a wide array of seasonal Okanogan fruit and vegetables, which are availableFriday to Tuesday all summer long.


Ringside Map