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Deb McVittie moved from the customer to 'owner' side of the sales counter at 32 Books Company in 2006. Since that time she has opened a sister bookshop on Hornby Island in the Ringside Market which is open year round. The Island store is an enthusiastic sponsor for the annual Hornby Festival. 32 Books is an independent, locally owned bookstore, a rare breed these days! The uber-knowledgeable staff pride themselves on offering excellent customer service. Both locations host author readings and book launches, writing groups and book clubs. This year also marks the first year for 32 Books to be the official bookseller for the Vancouver International Writers Festival. See you soon!

Deb spent fifteen years visiting Hornby, making the leap ten years ago to buy a house and for the last year and a half has put enormous energy into making 32 Books, Hornby, a touchstone for our community. She has at various times in her life been a creative writing teacher, waitress, Christmas tree seller, marketing manager, and can now add independent bookseller to the list. Deb has always been passionate about the power of words, and this new adventure is proving to be an amazing way to connect with a thoroughly interesting community of readers and writers. Now if she could just find a little more time to read...

32 Books Interior

North Vancouver Store

Deb also has a book store store in North Vancouver:

32 Books Co.
Edgemont Village, North Vancouver T: 604-980-9032
Monday to Saturday 10 - 6
Sundays 12 - 5