Tourist Guide

What you need to know the First thing, before setting foot on the island of peace, of course, you must know the basics about it. Hornby Island is 2,990 hectares in area and is about 25% of the Island’s land mass which is being preserved within provincial parks and regional nature parks. Hornby is rich in natural environment although it could be very vulnerable, it is situated within a particular ecological region having exceptional biodiversity. Hornby has a strong dependency on groundwater due to lack of natural lake, this results in the need of protecting the quality and quantity of the resources in the island. Accommodations There are numerous hotel and inns available in the island for travelers. We advise that you check your itinerary and book hotels ahead of time. Some hotels are only available on selected seasons and some might be already fully booked for your selected dates. We suggest that you do a little research or ask friends who know the best hotel deals on the island. Some of the top hotels that we could recommend are Hornby Island Mt. Geoffrey Bed & Breakfast: best for those who came alone or with a couple. This is not recommended for family. The place is located near the Mt. Geoffrey Nature Park. If you happen to have an itinerary here, then this could the best deal for you. Gunpowder Getaway: perfect for couples or medium-sized family. It is close to Grassy Point where the sunset is most stunning. It has a queen sized bed and double Hida-bed on the main floor. Acre on the Waterfront: if you love the splendid view when you wake up in the morning, then this is a perfect choice. The place is overlooking Tribune Bay, Helliwell Park, and coastal mountains. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms perfect for a big-sized family.